Script Writer Required for a Marathi Film

Urgently looking for a Script Dialogue writer for a Marathi Feature Film. Script is in Hinglish. Someone with good sense of cinema, already have few samples, will give him 2-3 page initially to translate, if it work’s then deal will be done.

Its a Paid Project not fancy but would be reasonable.
contact :-

Apply within 7-days of posting the job Vacancy.

Added by: Raj Nalla‎



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  1. Hello, I am Abhijit Kale. My mother tongue is Marathi. And I am able to write stories in Pure Marathi Language. My stories have been published in Marathi Newspaper also. Professionally I’m an Electrical Engineer. You can connect me on

  2. Dear sir I have written old time during shivaji mahraj time a story based on a normal soldier in Hindi lot of my Marathi friends like it please read it once

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