Guidelines – Employers

Are you looking to hire a media specialist?  Well then, you’re now on the right platform. Post your requirement here for free and your request will be approved within next 20 Minutes.


  • Never post a Job without a reason to hire.
  • Do mention Monterey Benefits, Work location, Experience required and Job responsibilities clearly in your job posting.
  • Before Clicking on ‘Submit listing’ make sure that your content is clutter-free for getting rapid responses.
  • Only the jobs requirement from India is acceptable.
  • We do not accept any mode of payments for listing your job requirement with us. But, it become live on our website after an inspection by us to check whether you’re financially and potentially fit to hire an employee at the present scenario.

Who are all eligible to list a job with us?

Media Companies * Advertising Companies * Audio-Visual Broadcast organizations * Film Production Companies * Head/Founder of organizations * HR firms * Editors *Indie- Filmmakers * Persons/ Companies looking for Media Specialists

We are accepting Jobs for listing on our website that in the arenas as shown below.

Thank you! 

If you’ve encountered an issue while the time of listing a job with us, then please report it to editor(AT)filmmakersfans (DOT)com