Film Production Manager- Controller job in Mumbai for Ad Film Shoot

Immediately seeking for a  Freelance Production manager for an Ad shoot in Mumbai and for TV series in Hyderabad

Compensation : 40,000
Job Brief : Looking for a fixer who can assemble a team for an Ad shoot in Mumbai in December for 4 days and Hyderabad in January. He/She needs to start off by providing a quotation for the job.

Compensation : 50,000
Job brief: Looking for a fixer in Hyderabad for shooting a TV series on Food for 4 days between 14-17 January 2017. The fixer must be very good in English and communication skills and is required to do research on unusual food eateries in Hyderabad. He must also assemble a team and equipment for the shooting.

If interested your mobile number and email id or call me on 9739034732.

Added by: Ganesh Vinaitheerthan

Last Date to apply: 24 Nov


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  1. hey i am interested and can you please give your email id so that i can email you my cv

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