Film assistant director needed for a Hindi feature film

Urgently looking for an experienced 1st Assistant Director for a Hindi feature with a reputed production house run by an A-list producer/director.

-Only people with minimum 2 full feature film experience *as* 1st AD/Associate, ideally a mix of indie films + mainstream big studio film – so a range of low-budget as well as hihg-budget shoots
-Specifically looking for those with experience with structured/planned prep and post, MM scheduling, storyboarding, previzes – focus on planned execution, rather than on-set ‘jugaad’
-Primarily outdoor schedule in south India so outdoor experience helpful.
This is a very specific requirement so no freshers are being considered for at this point. Nor anyone trying to move from 2nd AD to First. Solid on-set experience as First AD is needed.
Please do NOT send me private messages on my inbox. Please mail to <> with your CV, and a compulsory covering note explaining what kinds of films you like, why you are an AD, what you look for in an AD role on a film.

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