Cinematographer Job Opening in Hyderabad at The Chitrakars

Apply now  This Cinematographer Job Opening in Hyderabad at The Chitrakars

Job Purpose:
We are looking forward for enthusiastic individuals who have the potential to elevate the essence of prime stories to a grand scale.

We look at three key points that come along with the craft of cinematography

1.    A commitment to never give up

2.    Having a positive attitude

3.    Attention to the detail.

Position Overview:

  • Contribute creative ideas to the scripts and storyboards in the initial concept phase of a project.
  • Handle setup of on-location lighting, camera setups and backdrops.
  • Capture raw video footage across multiple backdrops to tell the story.
  • Work closely with content creation team to create video stories.
  • Ability to work in fast-paced environment under    deadline.
  • Ability to handle multi task and multi projects at a time.

Desired skills and Experience:

  •  Bachelor’s Degree in film making / Video production or equivalent work experience.
  • Proficient with Premier Pro and Photoshop.
  • Knowledge of Color Grading, LUT’s, Current Codec’s.
  • Handling DSLR cameras and Professional camera rigs


●     Have strong conviction about services provided by “The Chitrakars”

●     Ability to learn and grow

●     Ambitious & being patient & truly committed to build new relationships

Why should you join?

●     A fast growing company working on a very big business opportunity also creates an impact in creative arts in India.

●     Grow with the company as you would be one of the first few team members.

●     Opportunity to work with one of the best of the teams 🙂

Employer’s Portfolio:

Type of Job: Full Time

The Interested candidates can share their resume to


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