Casting Call for a Documentary Film at aatman

Aatman is making a making a Documentary on Thomas Alva Edison. The team requires a fair (foreign) looking, good looking good actors as mentioned below – If you are Interested, then read carefully the requirements and apply now.

Casting Call for a Documentary Film at aatman


Lead role – Edison – Age 5-8, 10-15, 16-20, 22-26 years, elongated face, fair looking, average body fit.

4 kids (boys) 4-10 years fair & cute looking, good actor.

4 kids (girls) 4-10 years, cute and fair looking,

Father 30-35, Elongated face, fair, very good actor, fit.

Mother 25-30, cute, fair, good looking.

Edison’s wife 18-22 yrs, good looking, beautiful.

Teacher 2 male 25-30 yrs, fair loking.

Teacher 2 female 25-30 yrs, fair and good looking.

Train conductor 35 yrs – fair looking, good actor, average fit, short

1 male – 35-40 yrs, Huge Fair looking, good actor, businessman, don look.

4 mascular man, 25-30 yrs, fair american mafia look.

Station master – 35 yrs, fair looking, average height and fit, good actor.

10 male 25-45 yrs age, fair looking, good actors, various roles.

1 receptionist 20-25 yrs, good looking, fit.

If you think you will be suit for one of the above mentioned role then please drop an email on

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