Casting Call for actors / actress from The Makers of Chhota Bheem

Casting call for a comedic TV series from The Makers of Chhota Bheem. The casting team is Seeking for Male / Female / Professional Child Actors (Preference will be given to actors specializing in Physical Comedy/ Comedia dell’arte / Miming and children theatre).
Age Group: 10 Yrs – 30 Yrs, Height: Preferably 4’ to 5(People with thin limbs, small frame bodies will be prefered) Age Group: 18 Yrs – 35 Yrs, Height: Preferably 5’10” to 6’2”
Casting Date and Time – 19th November 2016, Delhi,
Call 9711153505 and ask for Shauvik Mondal



Last Date to apply: 19th November 2016, Delhi



Added by: hauvik Mondal‎ 

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