Auditions for actors and Actress in Delhi at Ramnita FILMS

Ramnita FILMS  based in Mumbai is casting call actors and characters  for a short fil. The theme of the Film is an interesting plot which revolves around a guy who is trying to find “an answer”.

Characters required-

  1. Male -Character – Protagonist – age 27-30
    2. Girl – Character – Girlfriend – age 22-25
    3. Male – Character – Boyfriend – age 25-27
    4. Female – Prostitute – age 30-35
    5. Female – Wife – age 30-35
    6. Male – Husband – age 35-40

Please Note that It is a performance based script and applicants with good experience in acting will be preferred. The interested candidates Mail pictures with CV @

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  1. Hello Sir/Madam,
    I want to work with this project ,but i don’t have any experience in this field.But i like acting. How to apply for this.
    Thank You.

  2. नाम अभय सिंघ
    लंबाई 5:10इंच
    रंग शामला हे up city moradabad
    मे acting करता हूँ और my no
    मेरा auditinos लेकर देखो फ़िर कम देना

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