20 Freelance Cameramen jobs in Mumbai at Venona Mediasoft India Private Limited

Venona Mediasoft India Private Limited is looking for 20 freelance cameramen for suppporting their upcoming production. If you’re interested in this freelance cameraman jobs in Mumbai, apply now.


Individual having their Own Camera Like Canon 5D, C-EOS, Sony 4K, Red, Alexa, Panasonic, Nikon 4K, Or any brand with Cinemascope camera, Location Mumbai and Pan India  Job Type : Freelancer, Full time, Independent Contact the firm at venonamedia@gmail.com

Website: http://www.venona.in

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  1. Hi n Cameraman pawan Mishra I have 8 years ex in this field m worked lot at reality show ,documentary film, etc.

  2. Hi Iam a cinematography I have 8year experience working project, Starplus, Nisha uski cousins ,Jana na dil say dur,sony show, Baday bhaiya ki duhlyana, bigf ,fearfiels, ya hai ashqi, and two bolloywood movie, ya hai lollypoop. Jhujuna, at chief asscosit.

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