Writers and Photographers required at Crouching Lion Film Production Company

Crouching Lion Film Production Company, a media and Film Production company based in Mumbai and Ahmadabad is seeking for Creative writers and Photographer. Apply now for this vacancy now.

Those who can work with them either as a freelancer or intern can apply.

Essentials – Writers

WRITERS (Screenplay, Dialogue etc.)
· Must be proficient in Gujarati language and literature
· Must be able to research and develop story ideas
· Writing screenplay

Essentials – Photographer

  • Knowledge of DSLR camera and associated equipments

Must be able to capture high-quality digital images for catalog and online use
· Maintain image quality and requirements
· Accountable for daily work flow and production goals
· Ability to light various textures and materials to best show products

Candidates based in Mumbai and Ahmadabad are Preferable


Submit your resume to crouchinglionfilms@gmail.com
Added By: Denish Patel


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