Wanted a male actor in Delhi at Mukesh Chhaabra Casting Company

Looking for a  male actor in  Mumbai who is almost  look-alike -alike Subhash Chandra. The age  of the  candidate should be between 28-30. The Artists from New Delhi are preferable.

The Interested people send  their resume at noor@mccc.in

Posted By: Noor Arora

Company Website: http://www.mccc.in/

Apply 7 days from publishing this post


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  1. Hi Today i have received a letter from Corson regarding selection in upcoming project the lover remix 3D. Mail id is corsanworldsales@gmail.com.
    your office in india as well. Is this all true. I have selection letter as well. Pls help me in this.

  2. Hi, Same thing is happen to me as above mentioned i also received a letter for a role in upcoming movie project the love remix 3D its unbelievable i am selected without any audition and all.

  3. Hi Shyam, did they ask you for an artist card as a mandatory requirement for the role? And have they committed any remuneration ? Please confirm.

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