Script Writer job at D-Crypt.

D-Crypt. is looking for a Script Writer  for You Tube videos. The interested candidates must  know about the script writing format  followed by the professionals.

Candidates with prior knowledge  of writing scripts for Digital Medias will get preference. The interested candidates share their CV and other details to

Added By: Sagar Haldankar



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  1. hi my name is surbhi singh rajput and i wish to pursue my career in the field of writing. i am good at writing and can do good if provided with an opportunity. i want to pen down a script for a web series or stuff like that sort. please inform me the chances i have to work with your firm

  2. Hello Sir, Am from mumbai, pursuing film making & direction course here. As I am passionate about writing, I want to do something in the field of writing. I just need a chance. I will try my best. Please inform me for anything related to it. Would be waiting to hear something from You. Have a good day.

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