Need Film Production house Assistance in Kolkata

 TAG ;- PRODUCTION CONTROLLER JOB IN INDIA| Home Road Films India  is looking for a Production controller in Kolkata.

Home Road Films will be line producing  a 90 minutes long foreign film in kolkata during March-April 2016. The company is decided to shoot the film in gorilla style. Its crew will consists of 4-5 Bengali artists and Technicians. The job of the production controller is finding and arranging locations as the film director/script writer suggests and providing accommodation for the crew.

Prior Experience is mandatory for applying this job

To apply for this job opening, send your CV to 

This upcoming film starring Julian Brand, Joe Lemieux and Shoreh Aghdashloo.

Title of the job: Required Production Conroller job in kolkata

Posted by: Sanya Rajesh Monga

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