Freelance Cinematographer (DOP) and Video editor job in Delhi at buzzlikeus

Buzzlikeus is looking for the job vacancy of a freelance cinematographer and a Video editor. The job location of this vacancy will be in Delhi NCR and Gurgaon. Candidates base anywhere in India are eligible to apply for the job vacancy of freelance cinematographer and video editor, but he/she must be willing to travel across Delhi/NCR as per the requirements.


The interested applicants in this vacancy do share CV along with other details to Job location Delhi NCR n gurgaon. Apply within 5-days of posting this vacancy.


 Bjoy Labuktongbam

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One Comment

  1. Name: Prabhu Ns.
    Mobile : +919940561104

    Independent Cinematographer, and have worked as an Assistant Cinematographer in Tamil film industry…
    Living in Chennai.

    Educationand  Qualification:

    Diploma in Visual Communication
     Softview Multimedia College.

    Diploma in Film & Television Technology
    Loyola College, Chennai

    PG Diploma in Cinematography & Lighting Techniques.
     Asian Academy of Film & Television, New Delhi.

     Internships  and  Workshop:


    Internship in the  organization  in  film  making  in  Chennai, Tamil Nadu. I got  a  great  chance  and good experience  to learn film  making with  chief  guests  &  Workshop  Leaders  Hollywood Filmmaker  Mr. Edward  T. McDougal from  Chicago. and  in  an  FINLAND  oriented IRR  TV  Network.


    Attended workshop in  Television, Radio and Broadcasting Management  ·  Chennai,  Tamil Nadu I had a good experience as well as fruitful knowledge which is practiced in my film studies.

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