Filmmaking Internship at Ahmedabad at SPRAT – Society For Promoting Rationality

national award winning NGO, SPRAT is committed to the promotion of rational thought, scientific temper, inter-faith harmony and justice at large. In our immediate surroundings, we also work to promote adult literacy and empowerment of the impoverished.
About the Internship:

The interns will play a crucial role in promoting SPRAT’s mission of rationality, fair-play, scientific temper and spirit of inquiry, empowerment of the impoverished, constitutionalism, pluralism and secularism. These are the domains you will be working on:

  • Making short video or animated films, powerpoint, flash or similar presentations on [ir]rationality, popular science and a wide variety of burning current socio-cultural issues.
  • Video tutorials [short/animated] to teach basic mathematics, language, etc.
  • Involving leaders, activists, achievers and general audience, in discussions and debates for our series ‘Samvaad’

You may also assist in making audio-visual educational content that is tailored to make the world easier to understand, define, quantify, visualize, or simulate by referencing it to existing and usually commonly accepted knowledge.

Through this content we aim at impacting the academic performances of our beneficiaries as well as host them for public viewing with proper credits.

# of Internships available: 3
Who can apply:

SPRAT is looking for exceptionally motivated and bright students, who possess strong compassion for the upliftment and empowerment of the disadvantaged people.

  • Interns or fresh graduates who are looking to expand their portfolio
  • Proficiency and experience with film making/cinematography/handling recording equipments.
  • Experience with multimedia software and recording equipment, including still and video cameras, microphones, and video & audio editing suite(s) (Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects, Windows Movie Maker or Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Adobe audition or Audacity or Sony Sound Forge etc.)
  • An absolute zeal to learn, experiment and iterate
Additional Information:

This is a full time residential internship. We have interns joining us on a regular basis from Indian and foreign universities, to contribute to our social service programmes. Although, we DO NOT offer a stipend, we fully take care of accommodation, food and recreation of the interns. Indeed, we maintain, right below our office at Paldi, central Ahmedabad, a functionally equipped and furnished flat-turned-hostel for interns coming to us from around the world intermittently.

Internship duration may range from 6-52 weeks. Preference will be given to long-term seekers, and those who can start the soonest.

SPRAT is always open to creating unique work portfolios for motivated persons in other areas and fields as well. These can include: writing, editing, making social messages or science or rationality promotion posters, making or editing videos or presentations, graphics or DTP, field work in neighboring villages, making science models, social network promotion etc.



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