Filmmaker /Photographer Job Vacancy in Mumbai at Easy Roads

Easy Roads, India’s first road planning trip app is now at the process of future expansion. The Company is looking to hire a Videomaker (filmmaker) /Photographer on an Urgent basis.

As a part of the above said job (Filmmaker/Photographer) you will have to travel across India, if necessary.

Skills and talents are required as per the profile standards.

Share CV to info(AT)

Referred By: Sameer Surve

Apply within 3 days of posting this job

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    • sudeep,

      First of all- it’s a month old job. It’s unsure that the vacancy is available or not.

      Secondly, in case they didn’t reply back to your message, then it ‘might’ means you are ineligible for the position. If so, there’s no need to worry. There are plenteous vacancies awaiting for you.


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