Wanted DOP, Photographer, Sound Designer and Costume designer in Mumbai at The Square Peg Films

The square peg Films, a video production company based in Mumbai, Maharashtra is looking to hire skilled and professionally experienced Photographer, Makeup artist, sound designer and DOP/Cinematographer/cameraman.

Are you a professional in any in any one of the field shown above?

Then, this is the right job opening for you.

Photographer Job: Knowledge and Skills Required

Knowledge of DSLR camera, Lenses, filters, framing and composition

DOP/Cinematographer Job: Knowledge and Skills Required

Knowledge of DSLR cameras, under water cinematography, Film camera, set-lights etc

Makeup artist Job: Knowledge and Skills Required

 Knowledge of applying cosmetics, styling hair or performing cosmetic procedures, applying hairstyles as per the story and script

Sound Designer Job: Knowledge and Skills Required

Proficient in handling on-location sound recording and hands-on knowledge of Nuendo and Sound forge.

Apply with-in 5 days from the date of posting this job


Share your resume : srishti(AT)thesquarepegfilms.in


Company Website: http://thesquarepegfilms.in/#


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