Creative Artists Required at Colosceum

Colosceum-a leading youth channel is coming up with a travel based adventurous reality show is looking for people between the age of 18 – 27 yrs (really good looking girls and boys). Check More jobs for Creative Artists in TV Channel on FMF Film Jobs.

If you think you are fun, you have a crazy personality, you can stand out in the crowd, are extremely competitive, adventurous, ready to take up new insanely crazy challenges in life, can be manipulative sometimes or if you have some hidden talent, send in your details and pictures on /

Don’t forget to Mention- – what do you do? What are your strengths and weakness? What is your story? In your email content.


Added by: Khushboo Bhadrecha

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  1. I love …acting ….acting is my life…..I want only one chance sir…plss… mobile no is 9967305506 also available on wttsp

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