Big Boss Application Making Video Tips | How To Make?

Are you confused about- how to make a Video for participating Big Boss 10? Here’s the best explanation regarding that.

Tips and Tricks for making Big Boss application Video

  1. The Maximum duration of your video will not exceed 3 minutes. (Videos above 3 mins will be rejected.)
  2. Things you Include in the self-Introduction Video- Describe Yourself, How will your life experience help you win Bigg Boss? How will you interact with the other house guests? Tell about your Home town, etc

Big Boss 10 Auditions and Online Registration 

Technical Parameters

  • You can create video by using your Phone/DSLR Camera
  • Make sure that your video is clear and vivid, Arrange proper lighting setup while creating video
  • Audio clarity is important. Record video in a Noise proof space

Big Boss Application Making Video Example

Advise: Try To make a noise proof video than shown in the example.


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  1. Hi my names Kiran Bajwa i am 37 and live in the UK. I realise I missed the deadline for applications but genuienly feel that you will really like me enough to atleast consider my late application.

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